Solving Open Defecation in India

Rotarctors in District 7040 have been working since September 2012 towards solving the problem of open defecation in India. Learn more about their project here.


Krishna, Madison and Laurence with Abdul.


Laurence, Krishna, Madison with community in Kalja


December 31, 2014


Laurence and Madison


December 31, 2014


December 31, 2014


December 31, 2014


Dec. 31: Madison, Laurence, Krishna

The city of Joy 101 - Copie
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The city of Joy 192 - Copie (2) - Copie
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The city of Joy 249 - Copie (2)
The city of Joy 270 - Copie (2)
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The city of Joy 282 - Copie (2)
The city of Joy 300 - Copie
The city of Joy 349
The city of Joy 350
The city of Joy 351
The city of Joy 352
The city of Joy 358
The city of Joy 360
The city of Joy 421
January 13, 2015 
For one of our site visits, we had the good fortune of visiting benefactors alongside some of our partners on the matching grant from the Rotary Club of Central Calcutta. There we were able to inaugurate toilets together and enjoy tea provided to us by one of the benefactors.January 11, 2015 – Welcome Home!

Just wanted to let you know that we all made it home safely yesterday after a long trip back from Calcutta.  The trip was wonderful and we achieved our objective of ensuring that the matching grant funds were appropriately spent to build 416 latrines.  We spent time in four different villages interacting with our beneficiaries, conducting video interviews and meeting with NGOs.  We attended a Rotary meeting (Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar), met the District Governor (Pinaki Prasad Ghosh) and held a joint volunteering event with the Rotary Club of Central Calcutta (our matching grant partner) to distribute blankets to the poor.  We also visited some of Rotary’s other projects in Calcutta including their eye hospital, pediatric heart surgery program, literacy program, and Shelter Kit (low-cost version of shelter box). We have lots of pictures to share (we posted a handful to Facebook only as we didn’t have steady internet access).December 31, 2014

Happy New Year from us to our followers in North America! Here is an idea of the arduous roads that we need to travel in order to reach many of our villages – trains, automobiles and rickshaws all help us to get to the remote villages of West Bengal.
Yesterday, we held a community meeting in Kajla, a small village about 3 hours from Calcutta, near the Bay of Bengal. Most of its residents are very low-income and earn about $1 a day as casual labourers. 30 villagers attended our meeting, and those who received toilets spoke up and shared their experiences including improved health, less spread of disease, and better overall safety.December 29, 2014
Today the team met Abdul from Mirjapur, a village in rural West Bengal, who earns less than $2 per day as a mechanic. Thanks to Rotary District 7040 and our project, his 6-person family, as well as several others in his village, now have a safe and dignified place to go to the bathroom.
December 22, 2014
BIG NEWS: In one week, our project team will be travelling to Calcutta to finish our project of helping to solve open defecation across West Bengal! We’ll be working with the Rotary India Humanity Foundation – RIHF to finish building the last few latrines (out of hundreds already built) and educate the local public on proper hygiene. Thank you to Rotary District 7040 and the eight donors who generously gave Aeroplan miles so this trip could happen. Keep following us for more updates from our trip!

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