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Dârini Vedarattiname, District Rotaract Representative
Dârini started her implication in Rotaract in 2011, as founding Secretary of Club Rotaract de l’île de Montréal. Dedicated to providing platforms for young people to develop their potential, Dârini is eager to start her term as District Rotaract Representative. Her goal? Help the District Rotaractors shine as a pool of talent to be considered by all 7040 Rotary Clubs. As Secretary of Interota 2014 in Toronto in Montréal, Dârini built friendships in 7040 and 7070, and considers herself very lucky to be able to learn from both Districts.Dârini

French of Indian descent born in the Caribbean and raised in South America, Dârini is a citizen of the world who settled in Canada about 10 years ago. She loves to travel and has worked as a business development professional in several non-for-profit organizations. If you’d like to bond with her, just invite her to share a plate of sushi, and she’ll be there!

Jean Philippe Argant, District Rotaract Chair
Born in Port-au-Prince from Haitian-Italian parents, Jean Philippe lived in Haiti up until his high school graduation. He immigrated to Canada for his studies in architecture.

With several years’ experience in publishing, architectural firms and in the family business operating in the new information technologies, he developed a passion for the concept of “unicity” and the development of a company by the strength of its identity.

He founded in 2002 Amecodesign Communication Marketing, a creative agency specializing in branding and marketing with which he continues to contribute to the success and development of brands both in Canada and internationally. His passion: Be part of the creative process developing brand and marketing strategies. Using his creativity, the goal is to materialize the clientele’s vision and mission and integrate them in a creative marketing plan.jpa-2013
‘’Doing for others what he would like others to do for his family’’ lead him to become a member of Rotary in 2005, specifically the Montreal Ville-Marie Rotary Club. The motto “Service Above Self” seemed to him as the best way to express his philosophy. Since joining the Club, he helped to grow the club and continues to
participate in different committees specifically community and international. Believing in collaboration between clubs, he participated in a committee created by the district to promote “ Interclub” and contributed that year, with a few colleagues, to create the club “Montreal Plus”. The idea: Bring more visibility to Rotary in Quebec by organizing “interclub” events and bring members of various Montreal area clubs closer.

More recently, when attending the district conference in Montreal in 2013, he spent an afternoon with Rotaract, Interact, RYLA and all involved in “Youth Exchange Programs“ for what seemed as a very important moment in his Rotary experience. Fascinated and excited by what he heard that day he realized, that day, that the future and success of Rotary will come from the strength and development of these young “Rotarians”. He then made sure his club improved its relati
nship with Rotaract by working closer with the Rotaract Club Île-de-Montréal which it sponsors.

Today, still acting Advisor to Ile-de-Montreal Rotaract Club, he is the incoming District Rotaract Chair for District 7040 as of July 2015.

Claude LaLiberté, District Governor
2015-2016 DG7040 Claude LaLiberté, who retired in 2005, was employed in the music industry in roles including tour director, marketing agent, record label owner, radio and television producer, radio disc jockey and music programmer. He became involved in the field in 1969 as president of an Elvis Presley fan club, which he continued to manage for 10 years. A few years later, he began collaborating with a large radio station in the Montreal area. Since 2010, he has volunteered hiIMG_0388 Claude-1 croppeds time with the Quebec Cancer Foundation. He also volunteered for a number of years with La Grande Table, an organization that serves underprivileged families hot meals in a restaurant atmosphere.

Claude has been a Rotarian since 2000 when he joined D-7850 Sherbrooke Rotary Club where he was for 7 years the editor of weekly club bulletin Sherbrooke Contact. Besides being in charge of Annual Used Book Sales fundraiser. He was involved in many other committees. In 2005 Claude became D-7850 District Secretary. The same year, he was the initiator and main contact for a 3-H Grant for a 356,000 $ Pure Water project in Ghana. In 2007, he was the founding President of the Greater Sherbrooke Rotary Club and at the district level he became a member of the District Membership Committee. The following year he added membership to the District Visioning Committee, always in District 7850.

Claude’s Rotarian life had changed in 2010 when he’d transferred to D-7040 Longueil South Shore club to be able to get involved with the 2010 Montreal International Convention. Quickly he was nominated Area Governor by DG Katie Burke in 2011 at the same time he was a charter member of the Laval North Shore Rotary Club. The following year he was instrumental in the birth of l’Est de Montréal Rotary Club. In 2013, a long dream of his became a reality in being a charter member of the eClub Premier Francophone D-7040 and e-secretary. 2013 saw him also being nominated as District 7040 2015-2016 Governor.

Claude had achieved 3 Paul Harris and is level 2 for the Bequest Society and is a Sustaining Member.

Ariane visiting Montreal clubs

District Governor, Ariane - visiting with Montréal Rotaract Clubs


Mike Jay (Rotaract Club of Ottawa) & Ariane.


Rotaract Club of Ottawa executive, DG Ariane club visit.


Co-DRR Kaitlynn presenting Queen's Rotaract with a World Polio Day acknowledgement certificate.


DG Ariane visiting Club Rotaract du Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf.


DG Ariane visiting Queen's Rotaract Club.

IMG_0388 Claude-1 cropped
Ariane visiting Ottawa South

District Governor, Ariane - visiting Rotaract Club of Ottawa South

Ariane headshot

Ariane Carriere, District Governor

Kaitlynn Almeida

Kaitlynn Almeida, Co-District Rotaract Representative


Natasha Farrugia, Co-District Rotaract Representative


Pat Brown, District Rotaract Chair






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